Nplate® Navigator

Personalized support and services from a registered nurse

Nplate® Navigator offers support and services that may help patients taking Nplate® navigate the challenges of adult chronic ITP and its treatment. Your doctor and healthcare team are your primary sources of information about ITP and Nplate®. It’s good to know you have another place for extra support and education at no additional cost. Call today for:

  • Co-pay and reimbursement resources: Find co-pay and reimbursement resources* no matter what insurance you have - even if you have none.
  • Live phone assistance: Questions? Call Nplate® Navigator to speak with a registered nurse about Nplate®.
  • Assistance finding an ITP Specialist: Planning to travel or relocate? Call Nplate® Navigator to get help finding an ITP specialist near your location.

*Resources include referrals to independent nonprofit patient assistance programs. Eligibility for resources provided by independent nonprofit patient assistance programs is based on the nonprofits’ criteria. Amgen has no control over these programs and provides referrals as a courtesy only.

By registering with Nplate® Navigator, you can also receive:

  • Personalized calls from an Nplate® registered nurse
    Talk to a registered nurse about topics such as
    • Adult chronic ITP symptoms and treatments
    • Information about Nplate®
    • Addressing common barriers and difficulties staying on treatment
  • Educational emails
    Want to stay informed? Nplate® Navigator will send you information about Nplate® and treatment-related topics
  • Direct Mail
    Receive informative materials by mail about adult chronic ITP and Nplate®

Not yet registered with Nplate® Navigator? Sign up here or call Nplate® Navigator toll-free 1-855-7Nplate (1-855-767-5283)1-855-7Nplate (1-855-767-5283) Monday–Friday, 9:00 AM–9:00 PM Eastern Time.

The information you receive from the Nplate® Navigator is not meant to replace the advice of your healthcare team. Amgen will not provide medical advice regarding your medical condition. The Nplate® Navigator is not intended to diagnose health problems or to take the place of talking with your doctor about your condition, treatment, or medication. Be sure to talk to your doctor at your next visit if you have any questions about adult chronic ITP or Nplate®.